"are you wearing the-"

"the chanel boots? yeah i am"

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Tony Benett & Lady Gaga - Cheek To Cheek (Preorder here)

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@Rodriguez: One more day until Sin City 2. Check out Lady Gaga as Bertha.

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i know this is going to sound really egotistical but I just want to know if anybody else feels like this ok!! So anyway basically I never really feel proud of myself because I just always expect to achieve what I’m aiming for. For example last week I got into university and I know it’s something I should be proud of but I don’t really feel anything because I just always expected to get into uni no problem. Or another thing like there was this programme thing for when you were applying for uni and if you got on it you got a reduced offer and stuff and I just applied but I was the only person out of my friends to be accepted but it never once occurred to me that I wouldn’t be accept??? idk it’s weird

I think it’s possibly because I’ve never really faced much rejection in my life (apart from jobs) especially throughout my education like I’ve always got to where I wanted to be without any problems but yeah let me know if you’re like this

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i miss the monster ball

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